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Diet Food Snacks

Do you begin to worry each time you feel a snack attack come over you? Do you keep telling yourself over and over again that you will make it to lunch without succumbing to a nibble here or there? Well, it’s time to stop worrying. You may be surprised to learn that diet food snacks is not only okay, it can also be an important tool in helping you lose weight. The trick is, to find a snack that is truly healthy.

Snacking seems to be one of the most asked about topics of concern when it comes to losing weight. We all have our favorite snacks. Some love the sweet stuff, such as chocolate or biscuits, while some of us crave salty, savoury snacks. Unfortunately, whether sweet or savoury, these snacks can slowly but surely add inches to our hips!

The good news is, diet food snacks are not necessarily bad! There is always a but. You do need to be aware of what you put into your shopping trolley. Not all “healthy” snacks are what they are made out to be. Just when you thought you’d found a lovely low fat snack, a peek at the label might show that it is full of sodium.

Diet Food Snacks Pitfalls

Clucker Vs Burger

Yes, chicken does seem like a healthier alternative to a normal burger, but it is not so good if the chicken you choose is battered and deep-fried. Rather go for a grilled chicken burger, and remember to dress your meaner, leaner burger with salad and relish, rather than mayonnaise and other sauces!

Going to the movies

Your local movie house is definitely a danger zone. It’s very easy to mindlessly munch your way through a super-sized popcorn when the action on the screen has your complete attention. The question is, do you realize how many complex carbohydrate serves you’ve just eaten? Not to mention the super-sized coke you swallowed down because the salty popcorn made you thirsty. If you simply must nibble, smuggle something healthy into the movie house. Even better, have a meal at home before you go, then you won’t be hungry.

How about a soda?

When we want to wash down a snack, what do we often turn to? A soda or fizzy cool drink. The sugar content of most regular sodas makes them a big no-no (you are consuming the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar!). Opt for the” lite” or “diet” versions. Better yet, a tall glass of sparkling water.

Discover a Quick Way to Health Food

We all like to have a snack now and then through out the day, especially with the hectic lifestyle most people lead. A lot of people burn up so much energy through physical activities.

Snacks do not necessarily have to be unhealthy. The problem is we associate snacks with products like chocolate, sweets, potato crisps etc. But it need not necessary be so.

There are some great alternative snacks out there that are not loaded with salt, sugar and fat. They improve our energy and over all health.

• There is only one perfect alternative snack that we know is good for our bodies. It gives us energy and will not deplete it, and that is fruit. Once you start eating fruit you will really get to like it.

• You can eat as much fruit as you want to, and it will never make you tired and drowsy, whereas chocolate and crisps will.

• A smoothie is something that can also substitute as a snack. There are so many smoothie recipes to choose from, and they are so quick to make. The fact you do not need any recipe just mix a selection of your favourite fruit with water to make many smoothie snacks.

Healthy Food Snacks

Snacks can either be friend or foe. Healthy food snacking is surely a friend, but most often we prefer to snack on the forbidden. And due to this, some people would prefer not to take snacks anymore. So the question for today will be “to snack, or not to snack…that is the question!”

A snack is a portion of food that is usually smaller in amount than that of a regular meal. This is usually taken in-between meals and is often considered as junk food since most often than not snack foods contains little or now nutritional value at all. And in this view, snacking becomes a foe.

However, we can always turn snacking from foe to friend buy changing how we view it and how we eat it. There are some crucial questions that you need to ask whenever you grab a snack:

1. What comes to your mind when the clock strikes 10am and 3pm?

11am and 3pm are considered the snacking time. What cravings do you have? For sweet lovers, it can be a slice of those delicious-mouth-watering chocolate cakes. While for others, a cup of coffee will suffice. How about a bag of chips?

2. How much is enough?

With the definition given earlier, snack is a portion of food that is substantially smaller in portion than a regular meal. So how much is enough? Shall we feel a bit full before we can say its enough or shall we just get a few bites?

3. Will it be wise to eat snacks or just simply wait for mealtime?

Some people get hungry faster than to other. And for those who get hungry faster, waiting for mealtime can be a torture! And by the time mealtime rolls by, the hungry stomachs would literally devour a plateful of food which will then result to more unhealthy eating.

4. What consequences ensue for unhealthy snacking?

Eating a bag of chips is considered as snacking. So is grabbing a hotdog by the stand. How about a slice of that mouth-watering chocolate cake? These are what we call unhealthy snacking, and this can result to higher cholesterol intake and lesser nutrients, which will then result to illness.

Raw Food Snack Ideas

Snacks may seem dull when first transition to the raw food diet. A lot of people resort to just consuming an apple, a banana or some veggie sticks. But there are many raw food snack ideas to help make it interesting, and tasty at the same. The snacks do not have to take any longer to prepare than any other snacks, and yet be just as great. Here is a short list of healthy raw food snacks.

Diced Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an excellent snack at any time of the day. They can be cut up in the morning, and will stay good throughout the day for when one is ready to consume them. One or two tomatoes is a fairly good sized snack to help satisfy the hunger until the next meal. Once the tomatoes are diced, one can sprinkle on some sea salt and enjoy them as a tasty snack.

Diced Cucumbers

Diced cucumbers are always a hit as well. They can be served with just sea salt, or one can add them in with yogurt or sour cream that is made from nut milk. Cucumbers can also be placed on a mini green salad with a dressing made with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Pepper, oregano, basil and many other herbs will also go well with tomatoes.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes are an excellent combination to snack on. They compliment each other well, and all that is needed for flavor is a sprinkle of sea salt. Cucumbers and tomatoes also go well on top of leafy green salads by themselves or with toasted nuts and seeds such as almonds or sunflower seeds.


Being on the raw food diet does not mean that one cannot enjoy the taste and texture of yogurt. This snack will take longer to make, as the nuts have to be soaked for several hours before the milk can be made. Then the milk is heated and cooled for several hours, all of which takes time. However, once made, the yogurt is just as good as any other and can be served with fresh fruit or acai powder, as well as with a natural sweetener such as honey, agave nectar or stevia.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are another great raw food item to snack on. One can combine as many nuts and seeds together into a trail mix to take along to any destination. The great thing about nuts and seeds is that if they are kept in a closed container, they will not spoil. Nuts and seeds can also be frozen with a mixture of a natural sweetener, raw cacao and other superfood powders for a sweet, yet healthy and filling snack.

The benefits of raw food snacks is that they are highly nutritious, and most of them are low in calories. The ones that are high in calories such as nuts and seeds, also contain many healthy oils and proteins that can maintain a feeling of fullness for hours to come.

Therefore, raw food snacks are great for those who have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight, as well as for those who are trying to lose weight. The nutrients work together to restore a healthy balance within the body, which in turn can help the weight loss process.