Fast Food Meals and Junk Food Snacks

Is there anything easier then pulling through the drive through at Wendy’s and getting what ever their special for the month is? Might as well get the Frosty and chocolate chip cookies while we’re there too, right?

Yes, it’s insanely easy to do this. I can’t think of a better adjective then insanely either. Because it is insane. We are killing ourselves slowly because we are not taking the time to shop for food that taste good, is nutritious and will keep us healthy for years to come.

Maybe not taking the time is what we need to do but finding the time. There is absolutely no excuse for not finding the time to properly shop. Properly means planning out a week of meals and snacks before you go to the grocery store. Better yet, plan 10 days or 2 weeks of meals and snacks.

If you have the food on hand, especially if it’s prepared already, you have no need to ever pull into Wendy’s or Arby’s or what ever your favorite is again.

The repercussions of improper eating are huge. Of course your weight is the number one problem. Add to this high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and a host of other maladies and you get the point.

But do you know what is even more important, the example you set for your children or any other young person who may look up to you. They are learning from you that it’s easier to eat at McDonald’s then it is at home. They are learning from you that it’s OK not to make food plans. They are learning from you that they don’t have to care about their health. They are learning all of this bad stuff from you and what will they end up doing with it. When they are older, they will teach their children the same thing.

To borrow an old worn out phrase, stop the insanity now. Take 15 minutes and plan a week of meals and snacks. Then make your grocery list with the ingredients you need. While you are at it, why not find some coupons and save a few bucks. Add that to the savings from not eating at Taco Bell and you can start a new clothes fund.