First Birthday Food

For any parent, it’s always wonderful to celebrate their child’s first birthday with a wonderful party. Even if the baby doesn’t understand the occasion yet, it’s sure to be a fun time for him or her. First birthday parties can be either formal or casual. They are usually held in the morning or afternoon.

There are tons of important things to remember when holding a child’s first birthday party. One of the most crucial aspects would be the party food. Unless they have the food catered, many parents find this a very difficult hassle to deal with. It’s because they know they have to cater to two different kinds of people during the party, the kids and the grownups. These two have different food choices, so you can’t serve the same kind of food for these two.

There’s one simple trick you should keep in mind when dealing with this party aspect: keep it simple. With the numerous factors you have to keep in mind during the celebration, it would be really difficult to prepare homemade gourmet dishes. Here are some pointers to remember.

Prepare The Baby Snacks.

If your child’s only a year old, chances are the guests are of the same age or just a bit older. You should get simple but yummy baby-friendly snacks. Crackers, dry cereals and apple sauce are good choices. Other options you can get are:

* Cookies or sweet animal crackers

* Sliced fruit

* Macaroni and cheese (put these in easy-to-hold plastic containers)

* Pudding

* Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

* Pretzels