Healthy Food Snacks

Loading up on calories with junk food for a snack is not a healthy way to treat your body. If you really want to lose weight and workout, then you do need to eat healthy snacks in between your meals if you feel hungry.

You will be surprised to find how eating healthy snacks can help you lose weight even if you continue to eat the same foods for your meals. Many times when people are rushed they grab a bar or a bag of ship for a snack and even though it does stop the hunger pangs, it also fills you up with calories that your body doesn’t need. Eating healthy means including more fruits and vegetables to your diet as opposed to French Fries and other fast foods. The vitamins and minerals your body gets from fruits and vegetables help to burn up the calories more when your workout because they provide food for the muscles.

Why not stock up of fruits and vegetables when you pick up your groceries? Putting an apple or an orange or a small bag of carrot sticks, for example, in your purse or briefcase means you dont have to carry a separate bag with your snack. When you get a break, instead of rushing to the canteen for junk food, you have the snack you need right at your fingertips. Small juice packs are very easy to carry as well as take the place of sodas loaded with calories that you do not need. Some examples of healthy snacks that you can have are:

1) Fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, dried fruits, etc.)

2) Fruit drinks

3) Vegetables cut in small portions (Carrots, broccoli, cucumber, etc.)

4) Cheese strings or cubes

5) Low fat yogurt