Low Carb Foods

If you are working hard to lose weight, eating low carb foods can help. While avoiding carbs totally is not always the best option, eating a low carb diet can be a healthy way to lose some weight, especially if you decide to eat the healthy carbs. If you are on a low carb diet, sometimes the place where you make mistakes is in the snacks that you eat. You need to learn how to snack healthily so that you can continue to take off those pounds. Here is a look at some of the low carb foods that are great for snacking. You’ll enjoy them, you’ll feel full, and you’ll avoid sabotaging your diet.

Cottage Cheese and Fruit
When you are trying to make sure that you snack on foods low in carbs, one of the best snacks you can eat is cottage cheese and fruit. Cottage cheese is very good for you, providing you with some lowfat dairy, protein, and potassium. Add some berries or other types of fruit for some good fiber, and then you have a great snack.

Nuts or Seeds
Nuts or seeds also are foods with few carbs that are great for snacks as well. If you choose nuts, you will want to eat raw nuts so that you avoid the salt intake. Nuts are full of healthy fats and provide you with fiber. Seeds, such as pumpkin seeds or even sunflower seeds are great for snacks as well.

String Cheese Sticks
Another healthy snack that falls into this category is string cheese sticks. As long as you go with low fat options, you definitely will find this to be a great snack. The cheese is tasty, it is healthy, and it will make you feel full. Other low fat cheese other than cheese sticks are also good snack options that are low carb and healthy for you.

Apples and Cheese
Apples and cheese make a great combination for a low carb snack. The apples are full of great nutrients and fiber. Adding the cheese, such as sharp cheddar cheese, provides you with some good dairy. Just avoid adding too much cheese and packing in the fats.

Raw Veggies
Raw veggies are always a great snack and they are definitely low in carbs. Some of the best raw veggies to gnaw on include carrots, celery, broccoli, and even cauliflower. Peppers are great to snack on too. Add with them a low carb dressing and you have a tasty snack. The celery is great with a bit of peanut butter, which is also low carb.