Organic And Natural Food

As we become more concerned about the ingredients in our food products, the more confused we can become. New food labeling laws, especially Nutrition Fact Labels, which are required on all processed foods, help us understand the basic food group components. But how do we know which ingredients are harmful or not so healthy for our kids?

What is the difference between natural and organic snack foods?

Organic refers to the way food is grown and processed. Organic foods are grown without toxins and persistent chemicals. Instead farmers use methods that work with nature, like crop rotation, cover crop planting, and composting. Some even use a release of insects that are beneficial to the crops being raised.

Organic food products do not contain fructose corn syrup, genetically modified organisms, artificial coloring and flavorings, MSG, and preservatives. Plus, they are grown without the use of pesticides. Natural food products contain no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives.

As more and more environmental issues are raised each day, many parents are looking for ways to raise healthy, strong children without exposing them to harmful toxins. Providing them with organic and natural snack foods is a very positive step toward that goal.

Natural and Organic Snack Ideas:

Fruits and Vegetables

Purchase fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Canned products have more sugar, and salt, plus contain much less dietary fiber. If you choose to use canned fruits and vegetables look for organic products or natural ones that have no sugar added and are low in sodium.

Organic grains:

100% Whole-wheat Breads

Organic Toaster Pastries

Organic Graham Crackers and Vanilla Wafers

Tortilla Chips

Oat Bran Pretzels

Natural Potato Chips

Organic or Natural Cereals

Granola Bars

Homemade Trail Mix

Organic and Natural snack foods provide kids with a healthy nutritious snack treat that adds more nutrition to their diets. Whether they are eaten on the go, at home, after sports activities, or at school, organic and natural snacks foods provide important nutrients and energy that kids need everyday.