Powerful Low Glycemic Index Foods

I am sure you really want to know about these powerful low glycemic index foods that not only makes you fuller but also keep the fat off forever.

Weight gain can be very discomforting considering the social stigma that comes as a result – but what if I share some fantastic low G I foods that will sure make weight gain a thing of the past!

Why low glycemic index foods?

…because they are the only set of foods that keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods thereby keeping you off from the temptations of unhealthy extra diets that may ruin your weight loss chances.

Another good news – they provide a sustained release of energy in your body, thereby giving you the ability to do more of mental and physical activities. Can you know see why incorporating these set of foods into your diet is a sure bet of losing weight.

Including low glycemic index foods into your meals and making a snack of it, is sure the best bet you can have to lose weight – it has a combined effect, you are not stuffing yourself with unhealthy carbs and at the same time making you not worry about your stomach anymore… how interesting does that sound?

You don’t have to worry about unhealthy eating anymore by making these low glycemic index foods your daily snacks – just take them anytime you feel like snacking up!

Yogurt: Do you know that a container of light yogurt is a great snack either at work or on the go? It is one of the most beneficial low glycemic index foods, because it is packed with calcium that is also good for your bones. How interesting – keeping weight off and having a stronger bones; it can’t be better!

Orange: Though all fruits are low in G I, but orange is special because it is a rich source of dietary fibre. It is great for a mild morning refresher and at the same time comes handy. And going to work – it fits into any suitcase.

Air popped popcorn: Going to see a movie on a Friday night? Air popped popcorn should be your best friend for the night. Just like any other low glycemic index foods, it is low in fibre – thereby stopping the hunger quicker – and also low in fat. You can also enjoy it rich taste by sprinkling some cinnamon or any artificial sweetener.

Veggies: How many times have you heard that veggies are good for your weight loss ambitions? well they are, not only are they very special low glycemic index foods, they are also very rich in vitamins. You can make a small salad out of them to enjoy their benefits to the fullest.